Unimax One Step HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Unimax
Certification: ISO 13485:2016,EC Certificate
Model Number: Strip
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 boxes
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Packaging Details: 50pcs/box,40box/carton
Delivery Time: 30days
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Supply Ability: 200,000pcs per day
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One Step HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test


Unimax Pregnancy Rapid Test Strip Kit


Unimax HCG Test

High Accuracy Urine and Serum specimen Pregnancy Rapid Test Strip Kit (One Step HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test)


The One Step HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine to aid in the early detection of pregnancy. The test utilizes antibodies including a monoclonal HCG-β antibody and goat anti-mouse IgG on the nitrocellulose membrane with colloidal gold marked anti-HCG-α monoclonal antibody as an mark tracer. The reagent is used to detect the HCG in urine according to the principle of double antibody sandwich method and gold immunochromatography assay. There is a control line (C) controlling the reaction process shown on the coated film. Based on test line's (T) appearance to determine whether the tested sample contains HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) or not.

Intended Use:

The reagent is used to detect the HCG in Urine/Serum qualitatively according to the principle of double antibody sandwich method.
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced by the developing placenta shortly after fertilization, including protein subunits of α and β. Its function is to stimulate the corpus luteum to continue producing progesterone, to maintain the endometrium suitable for embryo attachment and embryo implantation. In normal pregnancy, HCG can be produced as early as 4 to 5 days after conception, HCG levels continue to rise very rapidly until delivery, peaking in about 8-10 weeks into pregnancy, and fall to normal level 2 weeks after the delivery.

MAIN COMPONENTS Basic components: Sample pad, colloidal gold marked pad,nitrocellulose membrane, absorbent paper and PVC board.
Colloidal gold marked pad coated with HCG-α monoclonal antibody,nitrocellulose membrane coated with HCG-β monoclonal antibody,control line coated with goat anti-mouse IgG.
STORAGE AND EXPIRY Store as packaged in the sealed pouch at 4-30°C, avoid hot and sunshine, dry place, valid for 24 months. DO NOT FREEZE. Some protective measures should be taken in hot summer and cold winter to avoid high temperature or freeze-thaw.
Limited 1. The reagent only can be used for screening tests, just like all qualitative detection reagents.
2. Concentration of HCG cannot be determined by this qualitative test.
3. This reagent is designed for the qualitative screening test. A confirmed pregnancy diagnosis should be made only by a physician after all clinical and laboratory findings have been evaluated.
4. False negative results may occur when the HCG levels of the ectopic pregnancy are below the sensitivity level of the test. When pregnancy is still suspected, a b-mode ultrasonograph diagnosis is suggested.
Usage: Remove test device midstream from the pouch. Hold the round end of cover with one hand. Use the other hand to pull out the midstream cap and expose the absorbent. HCG Pregnancy uric test strips
Point the absorbent tip downward; place the absorbent tip in urine stream for at least 10 seconds until thoroughly wet. Do not urinate passed the arrow mark. Otherwise, you can collect your urine into a clean cup and dip half of the absorbent pad into the urine for at least 5 seconds. HCG uric test strips
Re-cap the device and wait for color bands to appear. Read the result in three minutes.

Result Reading:

1. Positive(Pregnant): Two distinct colored lines appear in the control line(C) and test line(T);

2. Negative(Non-Pregnant): One colored line appears in the control line region(C) only;

3. Invalid: No colored line appears in the control region(C) within 5 minutes, even if a line appears in the test line region(T). You should repeat the test with a new one. HCG Pregnancy uric test strips .


1. Please use it in effective period. 

2. Don’t put the midstream in the air too long so as not to be affected with damp.

3. This product is not applicable to color-blind and color-weak people.

4. Taking contraceptive drugs will influence the test result. You should take testing after stop taking contraceptive drugs for 3 months. HCG uric test strips.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

6. Stored in dry and shade place at 4°C-30°C. Do not freeze.

7. HCG Pregnancy test.


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